LESSON 29: "The Singer"

The Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew 6, 9 and Luke 12.

Big Idea for Parents
The ability to sing is a gift from God. Songs have a way of getting past our defenses to teach and encourage us. Songs also have a way of “getting stuck” in our heads. One way to help your children connect with what happens worship is to teach them the songs. You could sing them together, or find the songs on YouTube, or buy the music and listen to them in the car, at home, etc. 

This week, consider picking a song that you like from worship and sharing it with your family in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Devotion Introduction
When do you sing? In the car? In the morning or at night? During worship? People aren’t the only ones who sing, all creation has a song as well. Jesus teaches us their song in our reading today (read pages 228-235).


  • Why haven’t you ever seen birds grocery shopping or flowers making clothes?
  • What is your favorite song? What is your favorite song we sing in worship or in Children’s Praise?
  • Can you imagine that God loves you so much he sings about you?!? It’s true! He … will rejoice over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17).

Dear heavenly Father, it’s hard to imagine that you love us so much that you would sing over us, but you do! Help us today to see how much you love us, and place your song in our hearts, in Jesus name, Amen.