LESSON 15: "The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant"

David and Goliath, from 1 Samuel 17

Big Idea for Parents
One slingshot and five small stones.  By themselves, they are simple, ordinary, and appear harmless.  But in the hands of God’s servant, David, they become the means to slay a giant.  

Once again, God’s plan in today’s story seems nonsensical – the last person one would choose to confront a powerful enemy would be a mild, young shepherd boy.  But, God does just that.  He picks David out from the fields and clothes him not in the king’s royal armor but in the power and strength of God.  David goes into battle confidently, despite the sneers and jeers of his people, knowing He has the Creator of the universe fighting with him.  

As Christians, we face the “Goliath” of our sin everyday and are continually confronted by the “giant” tempter – Satan, himself.  Praise be to God for giving us the victory – a victory won not through stones and a slingshot but by the life-giving sacrifice of His Son on the cross.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we no longer have to fear the “giants” of this world.  God has defeated sin, Satan, and death, and we now live with the hope of an eternity spent with Him in Heaven!              

Who is the biggest person you know?  How do you feel when you stand next to him or her?  Sometimes, when we stand near someone who is much taller than we are, it makes us feel even shorter!  In today’s story, David feels very, very small compared to the giant soldier, Goliath.  But he is not afraid.  David knows that God is with Him – and God is bigger than anyone!

Read pgs. 122-129 and imagine what it would be like to fight a giant with only a few little stones and a slingshot!  Would you feel very powerful?  Or would you want to run away?  In today’s story, David shows that he trusts God more than anyone else – and God shows David just how powerful He truly is.       


  • How do you think God’s people felt when they saw David, holding a slingshot and a few small stones, going out to fight Goliath?  How would you have felt if you were there?
  • When the king asked David how he would fight Goliath, what did David say?  (God will help me!)  When could you say those same words to make you feel less worried?
  • Before David went out to fight Goliath, he reminded the people that “God always wins his battles!” How does it make you feel to know that the same God who protected David is always watching over and protecting you?

Dear Jesus,

You performed a miracle through David and his five small stones.  Thank you for performing miracles for me every day by forgiving my sins and loving me even when I forget to trust and obey you.  Help me always remember that, with you, everything is possible!  I love you.  Amen.