LESSON 36 – Washed with Tears

A sinful woman anoints Jesus, from Mark 14, Luke 7, and John 12

Big Idea for Parents
The last story (of the prodigal son) was about how we run away from God by breaking all the rules. The story of the sinful woman shows how we can also run away from God by keeping all the rules. We have all sinned and can only be rescued by Jesus and the forgiveness he gives. When we see our sin, it creates thankfulness in our hearts and actions because Jesus gives us the forgiveness we need!

Devotion Introduction
What do you do to thank people who have given you a great gift? 

Today we’re going to read about a lady who received the best gift of all from Jesus – the forgiveness of her sin. What do you think she did to thank him? Let’s read and find out … (read pages 280-285).


  • What does the Bible call it when you ignore God, or run away from God, or make something else your god? (The Bible calls it sin).
  • Who in this story knows and admits their sin?
  • What did we discover about Jesus from this story?

Have everyone in your family (who is able) think of something to tell God they are sorry for (e.g. not listening to parents, lying, not being kind, selfishness). Give everyone a turn to pray, telling God what they have done and that they are sorry. Then, pray aloud, thanking God for his forgiveness in Jesus!