LESSON 6: "Son of Laughter"

God’s special promise to Abraham, from Genesis 12-21

Big Idea for Parents
At first glance, God’s plans don’t always make sense; initially, they may seem downright unbelievable.  In today’s reading, God promises Abraham and Sarah, both of whom were nearly 100 years old, that they would have a baby.  He goes on to tell them that their family will outnumber the stars in the sky – an idea that brought both of them to laughter!  As we read today’s story, we are reminded, once again, that God always keeps his promises – and that, even when they don’t make sense, we trust His plans, knowing they are perfect.  

When was the last time you went outside at night and looked up at the sky?  Did you find any constellations?  Did you see any shooting stars?  In today’s story, God tells Abraham, one of his faithful followers, to look up at the sky – and to count every one of the stars.  He tells Abraham that, one day, his family will have more people than the sky had stars!  Abraham laughed at God, knowing that he was already almost 100 years old and didn’t even have one child yet!  When he told his wife, Sarah, she laughed, too, thinking she couldn’t possibly have a baby.  But God always keeps his promises!  Read pgs. 56-61. to hear the whole story – and to find out what Abraham and Sarah named their first baby!


  • How would you have felt if you were Abraham and Sarah and God promised you something that seemed impossible?  Would you laugh like they did?  
  • Can you think of any other promises God made to his people?  Did he ever break one of them?
  • Isaac was a very special baby … but God’s plan was to send another baby – one that would save the whole world.  Do you know that baby’s name?  When was the last time you told somebody about Him?

Dear God,
We praise you for always keeping your promises to us, even when they seem impossible.  We are sorry for the times we doubt you or laugh at your plans for our lives.  Please forgive us and help us always to remember that your word is true and your plans are perfect.  Thank you for sending Jesus to be our “dream come true.”  In His name we pray, Amen.