LESSON 33 - "The Friend of Little Children"

Jesus and the children, from Matthew 18, 19, Mark 10, Luke 18

Big Idea for Parents
God’s love is a gift. It’s a good thing to be smart, obedient or kind. However, God’s love doesn’t change based on how smart, obedient or kind we become. The greatest in God’s kingdom isn’t the one who helps the most people for God, but the one who admits they need the most help from God (like a child!). Being great in God’s kingdom means humbling ourselves and becoming “expert gift receivers” – because God’s love is a gift!

Devotion Introduction
What do you like to do more: Give gifts to people or receive gifts from people?
Both giving and receiving gifts can be a lot of fun. In the Bible we learn that God loves to give gifts to people – especially children! (read pages 256-262)


  • What were Jesus’ disciples arguing about?
  • What did Jesus do when the children came to see him?
  • Do you have to be really smart, or really good, or really kind for God to love you? Why not
  • Jesus hugged the children when they came to see him. Give everyone in your family a hug and tell them, “Jesus loves you, and I do too!”

Gracious God, you love to welcome children into your kingdom. Thanks for giving us your love as a gift through Jesus. Help us to trust that your love for us isn’t based on how good we are but on how good you are! In Jesus name we ask it, Amen.