LESSON 32 - "Treasure Hunt!"

The story of the hidden treasure, from Matthew 13
Big Idea for Parents
There are different interpretations of this short parable, but the one that fits the details puts Jesus at the center. He, like the man in the parable, gave up all he had on the cross, even his very life, to make us his own! That, amazingly enough, means Jesus sees us as his treasure! Jesus isn’t simply “putting up with” us, it was a thing of joy for him to give up all he had to bring God’s kingdom into our lives (Matthew 13:44).

Devotion Introduction
What is something you want so much that you would trade everything you had to have it? Can you think of anything like that?
Today we’re going to read a story Jesus told called a parable. This parable is going to teach us just how important and valuable we each are to Jesus (read pages 250-255).


  • How is Jesus like the man who gave up everything he had to get the treasure?
  • How valuable are you to Jesus? How much would he give up for you?
  • Set up a treasure hunt for your child(ren) to teach the parable. If you have the capability and time, you could also try some geocaching. Whatever you do, highlight to your child(ren) that Jesus sees them (and the other people in their lives!) as his treasure.

Gracious God, we are amazed that you would consider us your treasure! Thank you for sending Jesus who gave up all he so we could be your children. Help us to love the people in our lives who are like treasure to you as well. 
In Jesus name, Amen.