LESSON 30 - "The Captain of the Storm"

 The storm on the lake, from Mark 4 and Matthew 8
Big Idea for Parents
Sometimes fear is such a part of our life that we don’t even realize we have it. This devotion provides you the opportunity to talk with your kids about their fears. A key question for both our children and ourselves as parents is this: What can help us when we are afraid? You can talk about practical things like taking a deep breath, to how God helped you with your fears, to reasons why God’s Word tells us 80+ times to “Fear not” (Genesis 15:1; Isaiah 43:1-2; Matthew 28:5, 10 are powerful ‘Fear not’ passages).

Devotion Introduction
When was the last time that you were scared? What did you do when you were afraid?
Today we’re going to read about when Jesus and his disciples were in a scary storm at sea. Let’s find out what happened … (read pages 236-243).


  • What did you learn about Jesus from this story?
  • What helps you when you are afraid?
  • Why do you think God told people in the Bible “Fear not” more than eighty times?
  • What does God want us to know when we are afraid?

Dear heavenly Father, if you are with us we have nothing to be afraid of. But we still get scared, so we pray for your help. Help us to realize what makes us afraid, and to remember that even when we are small and weak, you are strong and powerful! In Jesus name, Amen.