LESSON 3: "The Terrible Lie"

Adam & Eve lose everything from Genesis 3

“No kicking the soccer ball in the house … Clean up after yourself … Use your kind words … Take out the trash.”  Have you heard any of those rules at your house?  At school?  On the playground?  Do you like following the rules, or is it hard for you sometimes?  

Some kids think that rules are meant to keep them from having fun.  But did you know that the reason for rules is actually to keep you safe and help you make good choices?  They are not always easy to follow – and, sometimes, we make mistakes.  In today’s Bible story, God gives ONE rule – only one! – and his children don’t follow it!  Read pages 28-37 together to hear the whole story.


  • When was the last time you broke a rule? How did you feel?  What consequences did you have?
  • When you made that mistake, how did it make your mom and dad feel?  Did they stop loving you?  Or were they disappointed with your decision – but loved you anyway?
  • Adam and Eve made a big mistake, and, because of that, they had to leave the beautiful garden God had made for them.  But … is that the end of the story?  How did God show them that he still loved them, even after their terrible lie?

Dear God,

Just like Adam and Eve, we forget to follow the rules sometimes.  We are sorry.  Thank you for forgiving us when we make mistakes and for reminding us that, through Jesus, you love us even when we mess up.  In His name, Amen.

Big Idea for parents:  In this story, we see two truths about God.  1.  He hates when His people do things that harm them.  2.  He wants to love and be loved by the people He created.  This story shows us that sin is serious, after all God sent a flood to destroy the world, and that God is so determined to have a people He can love that He goes to special measures to save Noah.  This story points us to Jesus in that, when Jesus died we see how serious sin is, and we see how much God wants to love His people.