LESSON 26: "Let's Go"

Jesus is tempted in the desert and chooses his helpers, from Matthew 4, Mark 1, Luke 4-6

Big Idea for Parents
Jesus is on a mission. His plan is to redeem, renew and restore the world - including you and me. In a world where things are always falling apart, this is great news. This account could be a starting point for a conversation with your child(ren) about all the things that go wrong in the world and how Jesus came to reverse them.

Devotion Introduction
Jesus is a very, very, very unique person! The rest of us mess up all the time, we do wrong things and we forget how much God loves us. Will that happen to Jesus as well? What makes Jesus different from the rest of us? Let’s read and find out (read pages 208-213).


  • What things in this world did Jesus come to get rid of?
  • Why didn’t Jesus ask a bunch of rich, important and strong people to be his disciples?
  • How can following Jesus fill our hearts with happiness?
  • Who could you share the happiness of Jesus with?

Heavenly Father, you sent Jesus to rescue us and do all the things we could never do like beat Satan, sin and death. Thanks for loving us so much! As we follow Jesus please fill our hearts with your happiness so we can share it with our family and friends. In Jesus name, Amen.