LESSON 24 - "The King of All Kings"

The story of the three Wise Men, from Matthew 2

Big Idea for Parents
The goal of the Bible is to point us to Jesus. The story of the Magi (or Wise Men) beautifully illustrates this. Even though God put a special star in the sky to lead them to Jesus, they were still dependent upon the Bible to help them find him (Herod’s advisors told them the prophecy in Micah 5:2, which predicted the King promised to David would be born in Bethlehem). Still today, we need the Bible to point us to Jesus so that we can know God’s truth and love through him.

Devotion Introduction
Where is your favorite place to travel? When you go to your favorite place, how do you get there?
When Jesus was born, God was so excited that he put a special star in the sky! The star helped a group of men who lived far away find Jesus. But the star wasn’t enough … what else will they need to find Jesus? Let’s read the story and find out (read pages 192-198).


  • What two things helped the Wise Men find Jesus? 
  • How is Jesus different than most kings?
  • Where can you find Jesus today? (Bible, Baptism, Communion, Prayer, Heaven & Living in us)

Dear God, thank you for giving us the Bible so we can know you and your Son Jesus. As we read your Word, help us to see your love for us and show your love to others. In Jesus name, Amen.