LESSON 23 - "The Light of the Whole World"

The story of the shepherds, from Luke 2

Big Idea for Parents
God loves to give good news to people. With all the good news going around at Christmas, it’s a great story to talk with your kids about the gospel (a word which literally means “good news”). The Christian gospel is what Jesus has done for us: He lived the perfect life we could not, he died in our place for our sins, he rose from the dead overcoming death. While it’s important that we and our kids know the content of the gospel – it’s more important to believe and be reminded, “He did this for me!”  

Devotion Introduction
What things does a family need to do to get ready for a new baby?
God did some pretty amazing things to announce the good news that Jesus was born. Let’s read the Christmas story and learn about what God did … (read pages 184-191).


  • What did God do to announce the birth of his Son Jesus?
  • Most people didn’t think shepherds were important – but why did God think they were important?
  • What do you think an angel looks like? (For a brief description see Isaiah 6:2-3) 
  • What important job did God give his angels in this story?
  • Why do you think God sent his Son Jesus?

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to light up this dark world! We need his light in our lives as well. Help us to trust him today that we might have the same hope and joy as the shepherds. In Jesus name, Amen.