LESSON 22: "He's Here!"

The Nativity of Jesus, Luke 1-2

Big Idea for Parents
God made Himself small. Why? At least one reason is this: Jesus went through everything we do, from the beginning of life to the end, so that he could completely rescue us from everything that goes wrong in our lives, from beginning to the end.

Devotion Introduction
When a King (or a President) goes to visit someone, what usually happens when the King arrives? 
The Bible calls Jesus the “King of Kings” meaning that there is no King more powerful or important than Him! I wonder … what will happen when Jesus comes from heaven to earth? Who will be the first to welcome him? Let’s read the story and find out (read pages 176-183).


  • What message did the angel have for Mary?
  • What important King was the great, great, great, great grandfather of Joseph?
  • Who was there to welcome Jesus when he was born?
  • What is your favorite Christmas song? Why?

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to be our Rescuer. Jesus we are so glad that you came to live with us and we love hearing the story of Your birth. We welcome You into our lives today. Help us to follow You. In Your name we pray, Amen.