LESSON 2: "The Beginning - A Perfect Home"

Creation from Genesis 1-2

Big Idea for Parents  
As we were reminded last week, the Bible is a storybook about a prince (Jesus) who gives up everything to save the one (us, His children) He loves.  That love, though not shown in that specific way until later in the story, is undeniable from the very first page of the Bible.  As God spoke the words that brought the world into being, He demonstrated a love that is far beyond anything we can imagine!  As he separated the dark from the light and the seas from the skies, He showed us a truly extravagant love.  The reading tonight will remind you and your child of that love God has for you – one that would lead him to create an unbelievable world from absolutely nothing!

If you wanted to paint a picture for your friend, you would probably need a piece of paper, some paints, and a paintbrush to get started.  If you wanted to bake your teacher a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies, you would want to be sure you had flour, sugar, and eggs.  
What if you didn’t have the paintbrush for the picture … or you forgot the chocolate chips for the cookies?  Would either of your gifts turn out right?  Probably not!  The picture wouldn’t be as neat, and the cookies certainly wouldn’t taste as delicious.    

A long, long time ago, before paints and paper and chocolate chips, there was absolutely NOTHING.  The whole world was dark – no trees, no sunshine, no water, no life.  But there was God, and he had a plan.  He loved us so much that wanted to give us a gift: a world that was full of beautiful things.  The amazing thing is that he didn’t need anything to get started!  He simply spoke, and all of it appeared! Read pages 18-27 together


  • What do you think it would have been like to watch God as he created the world?  What part do you think would have been the most exciting to see?
  • God showed us His love to us in Creation.  How do you show others God’s love?  

Dear God,

You are strong and mighty - and the world you created is wonderful!  Thank you for showing us you love us!  Help us to show others your love.  In Jesus’ name,  Amen.

The Big Idea for parents:  This lesson will get to the bottom of all that is wrong in the world;  people want to be in charge, we think we know better than God.  So, Adam and Eve try to find happiness apart from God.  But God knew that if they thought they didn’t need Him, they would try to make themselves happy without Him and He knew that without Him there is no such thing as happiness and that life without Him is not really life at all.  This begins the story of the rest of the Bible, people want to live apart from God, and God does not want to live without His people.