LESSON 18: "Operation: No More Tears"

The Rescuer will come; prophecies from Isaiah 9, 11, 40, 50, 53, 55, 60

Big Idea for Parents
It took great courage to accept the call of prophet. As the spokesperson for God, a prophet had to confront the people and the leaders of the land – often to tell them things they didn’t want to hear.  Even though God’s message to his people was one of redemption and grace, they were often not receptive to it.  

But that did not stop the prophet Isaiah from proclaiming it.  He had been given a “sneak peak” of God’s ultimate plan to save the world – and he could not help but share it with the world.  As you read through God’s words to His people, may you be reminded that, even though you have “wandered from God and cannot find your way back on your own,” “God cannot stop loving you.”  His plan to save you – which he put in place before the creation of the world – was revealed in the stable in Bethlehem.  Jesus was born for you – and by his death and resurrection, you have the promise of forever with Him!    

How can you live your life on this earth in a way that glorifies Him and points others to the life he has won for them in eternity?

What kinds of important jobs do you have at your house?  Do you set the table for dinner or help your mom fold the laundry?  Have you ever helped your dad work outside in the yard or fix something that was broken inside?

In today’s story, God gives one of his helpers a very important job – even more important than dishes or laundry!  God gives Isaiah a special message, and Isaiah’s job is to go to everyone he knows – and lots of people he doesn’t know! – and share it with them.  Unfortunately, though, not everybody believed that what Isaiah said was true!  They didn’t think God had really given him the message, and so they ignored him when he tried to do his special job!  Read pgs. 144-151 to find out what God’s message to his people was and what Isaiah did when the people didn’t listen.      


  • Isaiah’s name meant, “God to the rescue!”  Do you know what your name means?
  • In God’s special message to his people, he told them that they were like sheep who didn’t know where they were going.  Who is the only one who can save us and carry us home again?
  • God told the people his Son’s name would be “Emmanuel.”  How does it make you feel to know that “God has come to live with” you?
  • What do you think will be the most exciting thing to see when Jesus, our King, comes back again to rule forever?  
  • Do you think God’s secret rescue plan is too good to be true?          

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes, we don’t listen to your special messages to us – even when they are so exciting to hear!  Please forgive us for wandering like sheep away from you, and help us always to live in your light!  Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to be “Emmanuel” – God with us!  Please help us to share this special message over and over and over again – even if people don’t always listen.  We love you.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.