LESSON 11: "God Makes a Way"

Moses and the Red Sea, from Exodus 14-15

Big Idea for Parents
This week’s story focuses on two things – 1) our human tendency to doubt and question in times of fear and uncertainty and 2) God’s ability to “make a way” for us – through His love and grace! - when it seems there is none.  As the Israelites stood on the bank of the Red Sea and looked out over what they viewed as an impossible situation, God proved to them, once again, that His ways were greater than theirs.  Hearing their cries of hopelessness and fear, he forgave them for their lack of trust and showered them with blessings.  May you be reminded, as you read this section of scripture today, that the same God who rescued his people at the Red Sea comes to you each day to “make a way” for you out of the “impossible situations” of your life.  

Even if you are not old enough to drive yet, you probably know what many street signs mean.  That eight-sided red sign with white letters tells you to “STOP”; the white sign with a large “U” on it reminds you that there are no U-turns allowed; and the picture of the person or children in the crosswalk let you know that there may be people crossing the street ahead of you.  

There were no street signs in the days when the Bible was written … but if there had been, today’s story’s sign would have read “DEAD END.”  God’s people were stuck; they couldn’t go any further.  The only way out was to turn around and go back where they came from.  Read pgs. 92-99 to learn more about their predicament and to hear how God made the impossible possible!            


  • How do you think you would have felt if you were with Moses and the Israelites that day, looking out over the Red Sea and knowing that Pharoah’s people were chasing you?  
  • Do you think you would have said some of the same things they did?
  • How did God “make a way” for His people to be rescued from Pharoah and his soldiers?  
  • Some things are impossible for people – but nothing is impossible for God!  How does it make you feel to know that the same God who split the Red Sea loves and cares for you?   

Dear God,

You are an awesome and powerful God!  We ask for your forgiveness for the times we let our fear and doubt keep us from trusting you fully, and we thank you for loving us unconditionally.  Help us always to trust you, no matter what “DEAD ENDs” we may face.  We love you! Amen