LESSON 14: "The Teeny Weeny... True King"

Big Idea for Parents
Despite being saved from Jericho and welcomed into the land God had promised them, God’s people continued to show their true, sinful colors.  They questioned God and, rather than trusting His plan, asked Him to provide for them what they thought was best.  In today’s story, God’s people ask for a king – one who will be able to fight for them and protect them.  When God chooses the “teeny, weeny” King David, the people do not understand; David doesn’t fit the mold.

But David has a heart like God’s – a heart full of love.  He was not the tallest or the strongest, but He was the one God had chosen.  And, as God’s perfect plan for His world would continue to unfold, David would play a very important part in it.  “God chose David to be king because God was getting his people ready for an even greater King who was coming” – the King who would save His people from their sins.  

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”  As you read today’s devotion with your child, may your heart be filled with the joy and peace that comes from knowing you have been saved by the King of Kings – and may you live your life in a way that others see Him in you.      

If you were the coach of a basketball team, you would probably pick players who were tall and could jump high.  If you were picking players for a soccer team, you would probably want them to be able to run really fast and a kick the ball far.  

In today’s story, God’s people want to pick a new King – and they want Him to be strong and tall and handsome.  But the man God picks in none of those things!  In fact, He is a “teeny, weeny” man who is the youngest brother in his whole family and who takes care of sheep all day!  

God’s people were confused and a little disappointed – but God knew exactly what he was doing.  Read pgs. 116-121 to find out why God chose a “teeny, weeny King” and how He used that King for his big, wonderful plan!   


  • If you were in charge of picking a new king, what would you want Him to be like?
  • How do you think David felt when God told him that, one day, he would be in charge of all of the Israelites?
  • God said that David “had a heart like his – full of love.”  How do you think David showed that His heart was full of love?  How can you show that others that your heart is filled with God’s love, too? 
  • “God chose David to be king because God was getting his people ready for an even greater King” – Jesus!  What can you to do help more people learn about that King?      

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes, the choices you make don’t make sense to us – at least not at first.  Help us always to remember that you can see things we can’t see – like David’s loving heart – and that your plan is perfect.  You are our King, and we love you.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.