LESSON 10: "God to the Rescue!"

Moses and the Great Escape from Egypt, from Exodus 3-13

Big Idea for Parents
In this week’s story, God’s people cry out to Him to save them from their suffering and pain as slaves in Egypt.  God heard them and remembered his promises to them.  He appeared to a man named Moses and commanded him to go to the ruler of Egypt and tell him to let God’s people go.  Despite feelings of inadequacy and fear, Moses obeyed.  When he went to Pharoah, he was confronted with anger and resistance  - and so God worked through him to give Pharoah 10 warnings, or “plagues.”  Pharoah’s heart was hard, and so he continued to deny God’s people their freedom.  Finally, after the tenth plague (the one that would cause him to lose his own son), Pharoah released them.  Moses led God’s people out of Egypt; they were free at last!  

As we read the story of God’s protection and rescue of his people in Egypt, we are reminded that we, like the Israelites, are experiencing the suffering and pain of slavery – slavery to our sin.  We need someone rescue us.  God knew that – and so he sent his Son, Jesus, to be our Savior.  We now have true freedom through His death and resurrection and the blessing of living in that hope forever and ever!

Have you ever played “Freeze Tag?”  It is just like tag, except that, when the person who is “It” finally catches another player, that new player is not the new “It.” Instead, the tagged player has to “Freeze!” wherever he is tagged.  The only way a “frozen” player can begin playing again is if another player comes to his rescue and tags him!  Then, both players can run together to safety.  

In today’s story, God’s people are “frozen;” they are stuck in a very bad situation and cannot get free by themselves.  They pray to God, and He sends them someone to “tag” them – to rescue them and save them!  Read pgs. 84-91 to hear this exciting story about Moses and the very important job God asks him to do!            


  • If you were Moses, how do you think you would have felt if God asked you to go to Pharoah?  Scared?  Brave?  Excited?
  • What did God tell Moses to help him feel less afraid?  How do you feel, knowing that God says the same thing to you?
  • God gave Pharoah a lot of warnings, but the last was the worst of all.  Why do you think the 10th plague finally made Pharoah change his mind and let God’s people go?
  • God told his people to put a special “sign” on their houses to show that they were his people.  What was that sign?
  • God sent Moses to rescue God’s people from Egypt.  Who did God send to rescue us from our sadness and sin?  Is there somebody you could “tag” with that special story??   

Dear God,

We praise you for being a God who always keeps your promises to us and rescues us from the scariest, saddest places in our lives.  Sometimes, we forget how much you love us, and, just like Pharoah, we turn our hearts away from you; please forgive us.  Thank you for sending Moses to rescue your people from Egypt – and for sending your one and only Son, Jesus, to rescue us from our sin.  Help us to trust in You and share the exciting story of our “rescue” with others!  Amen.