LESSON 13: "The Warrior Leader"

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, from Joshua 3 and 6

Big Idea for Parents
After 40 years of wandering through the desert, God’s people are now only days away from reaching the new home God had promised them.  The “land flowing with milk and honey” is so close, they can taste it.  

Before they get there, however, they are confronted with yet another challenge – this one even more intimidating than the last.  The fortress that was Jericho was “big, giant, and scary,” and no one knew what to do.  Once again, they began to doubt God and his plans for them.  And, once again, God responded with reassurance and love – “I will be with you.  I will never leave you.  If you do what I say, everything will go well” (pg. 111).  

God’s promise to his people rings true for us today.  When we encounter the “Jericho’s” of this life – situations that, at first glance, appear impossible and overwhelming – we can find comfort and joy in God’s promise never to leave us.  Through His love and grace, God gave us the victory over the ultimate “big, giant, and scary” fortress – Satan, himself – and so we confront those challenges with confidence and strength.  

Think of the last time when you felt scared … really, really scared.  Where were you?  What did you see?  Did your stomach start to do flip-flops?  Was your heart beating fast?  

In today’s story, God’s people were really, really scared.  They had been walking and walking and walking for 40 years, and all they wanted to do was get to their new home, put their feet up, and have a nice cold drink of water.  But, before they could get there, they had to go around a big city called Jericho – and none of them wanted to.  The city was too big, the walls were too high, and the people inside were too mean.  God’s people felt their stomachs do flip-flops.  They felt their hearts beat fast.  They didn’t know what to do, but they knew they had a God who did.  Read pgs. 108-115 to find out what He told them to make them feel better – and how he helped them overcome their biggest fears!


  • How would you have felt if you were one of the Israelites, staring up at the walls of Jericho?
  • On the seventh day, God told the people to make as much noise as they possibly could.  What is the loudest thing you have ever heard?
  • God’s people finally reached their new, beautiful home.  If you were one of the Isrealites, what do you think you would have done first when you got there?
  • Even though God’s people promised that they would always do what God said, they forgot.  They didn’t always pray to Him, and they made choices that made Him sad.  God knew they needed help again.  Who did he send to save them from all of their bad choices?
  • God sent Jesus to save you from your sins, too.  What can do you for Him today to thank Him for that special gift?

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for always being with us, even when we face things that are big and giant and scary.  Please help us always trust you, especially when we feel afraid.  Thank you for sending Jesus to die for our sins so that we can live with you in heaven – our new and beautiful home - someday.  In His name we pray,  Amen.