Nathan Spaulding is a broken yet beloved ragamuffin, fiercely loved & relentlessly pursued by Jesus. He was born just outside of Detroit, Michigan on November 15, 1990 to his loving parents, Robin and Cheryl. He grew up in a rural town called Armada with five younger brothers (whom he loves dearly): Ben (married to his lovely bride, Gini), Dan, Michael (now in the presence of Jesus), Jon, and Aiden. Nathan attended Lutheran-Christian schools his entire life, yet often struggled believing in the reckless grace and loyal love of Jesus. Though he grew up in a loving home, he often viewed God as distant, disappointed, and disengaged. On his eighteenth birthday, however, during a time of prayer with loved ones, Nathan was seized by the overwhelming affection, forgiveness, love, and tenderness of his Dad. He experienced the truth that nothing he has ever done, does, or will do has the power to separate him from the love of Jesus.  Ambushed by grace, Nathan spent the next eight years at college and seminary in order to experience more of this grace and learn how to freely share this gift with others as a pastor. Nathan still struggles believing in and receiving the reckless grace and loyal love of Jesus, yet he is learning to depend on and rest in Him more and more each day. He is learning to be held by the One who delights in him and loves him with an eternal love. 

Nathan interned at Cross of Christ during the Summer of 2014. It was a healing and transformative few months for Nathan, and he is thankful that Cross of Christ extended a call to him in April 2017 to be a mission pastor in Phoenix. His role will be to disciple leaders who mentor high school students, partner with people in the city of Phoenix in Gospel and Kingdom opportunities, build relationships with young adults in his context, and gather people into missional communities, house churches, and small groups so that they will follow Jesus, love one another well, and share the grace and love of Jesus in their communities. Nathan’s hobbies include Frisbee Golf, coffee, reading, movies, music, exploring the outdoors, swimming, and spending time with family & friends. His core passion in life is knowing Jesus, knowing people, and entering into the brokenness of this world with the redeeming, renewing, reviving, and restoring love and presence of Jesus. His mission & vision for his life and the lives of others is that we live as the beloved of Jesus as we belong, behold, believe, and become the people He holds forever in His eternal embrace.